Log and share
your experience
on the water.

Whether dreaming of a bareboat charter, working toward a captain's license, or improving seamanship, capture the experience in your digital logbook.

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Sea Time gives you what you need to log your time on the water.

Multiple Charts

See online charts from NOAA or OpenSeaMap on your mobile device via cell signal.

Save Your Voyages

Track your voyages in realtime, seeing your position on charts as you go.

View Your History

View your log book and see your historical sails on a map.

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Environmental Factors

Rain or shine, gale or doldrums, every day on the water is unique. Record weather and sea state to see the full picture.

Float Plans

Send departure and arrival notifications to friends and family, and they can check in on your progress and last known location at any time.

Offline Charts

Downloaded charts for offline use anywhere in the world from NOAA, OpenSeaMap, and more.

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